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Your Health Journey Starts Here

This is where it all begins and the conversation starts!

Everyone's health journey is different and set on a different destination. So during this introduction session, we will talk about you! - where you are, where you'd like to be, and what is best for you! With our eyes set on the horizon, together, we will discover your next steps.

By Phone or By Video Call

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All You Need on Your Journey

This is where the rubber meets the road!

Driven by your definition of a happier and healthier life, your health coach is along for the ride. Together, you'll have in depth coaching conversations, make discoveries, and accomplish goals. Since your coach is there to really see you through, sessions typically occur weekly or bi-weekly as part of a three or six month program. 

By Phone or By Video Call


Better to Travel Together

This is where we pull together to make it happen!

Often, we draw our greatest strength from the people in our lives and that's worth celebrating! After meeting you and your crew, we'll design a program that focuses on each individual's needs while tapping into that group strength. Together you'll reach your goals over the course of a three or six month program.

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Local Events for the Community

Like each person in a neighborhood, every event brings something different to the table. We play. We learn. We try something new. We meet new people. 

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Yoga with a View
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Find Om From the Comfort of Your Home!

This is where the body, mind, and spirit meet!

Mindfulness and learning to listen to our bodies are key ingredients to the healing process, no matter what your wellness journey looks like. In these highly personalized sessions, we'll work with you at your pace and skill level while you cultivate your inner peace.