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5 Ways to Know You're Ready to Start Your Wellness Journey

“Wellness” is a topic you hear a lot about lately and it makes sense why. Our world feels increasingly chaotic and overwhelming. And its not just our responsibilities at work or the obligations we have at home. We’re working harder than ever just to get through the day and it gets to the point where even doing the things that make us feel better is just another item on our never-ending to-do list. No wonder wellness is being talked about! People are looking for answers.

But even though the stress can make us feel like things can’t change that’s actually where the wellness journey starts. That same moment you feel stressed can be the same moment you decide that you want things to get better—that you need a change and that you want to feel healthier and happier. If you do, that might be a great time to go on a wellness journey.

But how do you know if you’re ready? The idea of a wellness journey can seem a little daunting and maybe you’re worried that now isn’t the right time. Don’t worry! That’s what we’re here for! Below we’ll discuss five ways to know if you’re ready to start a wellness journey.


1. You know that you want to feel better and refuse to brush that feeling aside

You’d think this one would be pretty obvious—with all the stress in our lives doesn’t everyone want to feel better? Well, sure, but it’s not always that simple. A lot of times it feels easier to just fight through the chaos and ignore how we feel. So we push our health and happiness to the side, put our heads down and soldier on, telling ourselves that we’ll prioritize our health and happiness when we’re less busy.

But the moment you begin to deal with how you feel is when you start to find answers. It might seem like focusing on the fact that you don’t feel as good as you could will only make things worse. It can feel like its just gonna cause more stress so you might as well ignore it. But its actually the opposite! As scary as it may seem to really admit to yourself that you want to feel better, its actually empowering. When we get to the point where we say “enough is enough,” that things need to change if we’re ever going to have a more balanced life, that’s when things can start improving. You can’t begin to solve a problem until you admit that you have one!

2. You believe that you—yes, you—can be happier and healthier

It’s not enough to know that you want to feel better, you have to believe that you really can feel better. Sometimes it might be hard to have this faith in yourself—you might be wrestling with certain things that you’ve been dealing with for years, decades, maybe even your entire life. And often times we compare ourselves to others and think that they have it more together and are better equipped to live a great life.

But your life can improve! Just because some areas of your life haven’t always been the way you’ve wanted doesn’t mean they’ll always be that way. And it doesn’t mean you’re incapable of changing. You may just need the right tools, the right resources and the right strategies. Most of all you need to believe that you have the ability to learn and grow. Without that bit of faith, a wellness journey is impossible—If you dismiss the possibility of things being any different, you’ll continue to do the same old things, falling into the same old patterns, and getting the same old results. That’s why belief is the foundation of a wellness journey: it gives you the necessary motivation, confidence and energy that you need to to go thrive.

3. You want to take ownership of that journey

A lot of times when we want things to improve we try to find quick fixes. We want someone to do the heavy lifting for us, making things as easy as possible for us. But quick fixes only work for a short time and then we’re right back to following our old habits that didn’t work in the first place. You yourself might have tried a bunch of these quick fixes over the years and became frustrated when they didn’t work. That’s why so many fad diets fail and so many new years resolutions get broken—we need something that can be consistent, a lifestyle change where we’re set up to succeed for the long term.

That’s why its a journey! No one can do your wellness journey for you and its certainly not some easy fix someone can just hand you. Its your adventure, you have to own it! By taking charge of your wellness journey you’ll be able to make the sustainable changes that allow you to reach a healthier you. And not just for a little while either, but for a lifetime.

4. You’re open to a holistic approach for your wellness journey

Perhaps the main reason quick fixes and simple solutions don’t work is because wellness deals with every part of our lives. That’s why we need a holistic approach. A journey is an adventure and an adventure means that there’s multiple stops along the way. And everyone’s journey is different because each of us is unique. Since you’re responding to your own specific environments, your wellness journey needs to be customized for you specifically. Your body is constantly responding to its environment and to go on a wellness journey is to celebrate that and use that to your advantage. By listening to your body’s feedback you learn what works for you.

That’s why a holistic approach to wellness is so important. Instead of only focusing on one area as if it were isolated from the rest of our lives, we can use how interconnected the different aspects of our lives are to our advantage. After all, there’s a lot of areas of wellness—nutrition, mental health, relationships, finances, etc.—and they’re all important to our overall well-being. By using a looking at things from a holistic perspective, you’ll often be shocked at how improving one area of your life has a wonderful domino affect and how each step you take makes you feel better in ways you didn’t know were possible.

5. You’re willing to explore and try new things, even if they’re a little scary

With this holistic approach its inevitable that your wellness journey is going to lead you down a path that you’re not completely familiar with. Perhaps there are areas of your life you haven’t focused on or methods you haven’t tried before. But if we’re open to the possibility of something new we can get new results that were impossible with the old ways we were doing things.

Of course, its perfectly natural to be a little nervous when you’re trying new things. Everyone is. That doesn’t mean you’re not ready to go on your wellness journey, It just means you need to have an open mind and maybe step out of your comfort zone a little bit. As you learn to better understand your body and what you need to be healthier and happier you’ll develop a deeper relationship with your body and a greater appreciation for what it can do. You’ll discover that you’re capable of improving your life in ways you didn’t know were possible.


Going on a wellness journey is wonderful and rewarding, but it might not be the right time for you. Its a commitment that you have to own and it requires you to try things you may not have tried before. And its ok if you’re not ready for that. But if now’s the time for you, let the journey begin!

And you don’t have to go it alone! Everyone needs a little help and that’s where a wellness coach comes in. A wellness coach is like a guide or a companion who empowers you to grab the reins and take charge or your wellness journey. They can help you tap into that by giving you the tools you need to succeed and checking the map for you on your journey. By talking with you and helping you listen to your body—after all, there’s no better wellness resource for you than you!— your coach can help you embark on your own unique adventure. If this sounds exciting to you I encourage you to check out the services we offer at Amati Wellness. We’d love to help you along your wellness journey!

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